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Patricia Curren

Young Adult Author:

I live in Arizona – the Valley of the Sun. I’m a relatively new transplant here. June, 2008 was my move-in date. Prior to that, I lived in Seattle for many years. However, I was born and raised in Nebraska and a part of my heart still lives there. That’s why my young adult novel is set in the land of the Cornhuskers. The people there have an authenticity I have yet to discover anywhere else.

Don’t misunderstand me ─ I love Arizona, even if I do need an oven mitt to fasten my car seat belt. And I feel I’ve been here long enough now to write with authority about its people and culture. There’s a marvelous mix of Native American, Hispanic, Caucasian and other ethnicities to broaden my horizon. Hundreds of Indian ruins, the beauty of the desert, the Grand Canyon and Canyon De Chelly, the unique animals and birds, cultural places and events, and the fantastic monsoons provide one fascination after another. So perhaps my next book will be about the American Southwest. Stay tuned.

Besides writing, I work part time as a coach at a fitness center. It’s a great counterbalance to having my backside planted at my laptop all day. When I’m not working, I like hanging with my cats, Cajun and Cassie. A fifteen-pound yellow short hair, Cajun is lean and gorgeous. Not so for Cassie, a tortoiseshell, who appears to be a furry watermelon supported by short legs. At eighteen-pounds, the vet put her on what he laughingly refers to as “The Jenny Craig Diet.” So far, she hasn’t lost an ounce.

I would love to hear from you, the readers, not only about my book, but any other books you’d like to discuss. Or, if you have questions about the writing game, fire away. I’m glad to share my humble perspective!