Here’s a short snippet of Kendra Morgan’s first murder investigation:

If the turmoil of constantly staying two towns ahead of her abusive father isn’t enough to drive Kendra Morgan and her family crazy, she now finds herself a witness to evidence in the murder of her friend and classmate, Cloud Nicholson. Seeing her friend’s favorite hair clip in a man’s pocket sends fourteen-year-old Kendra running for help. When she tries to report it, she’s rejected by her homeroom teacher and a security guard. So she goes after the killer herself. Haunted by her previous experiences with the police, she enlists the aid of her best friend. The co-sleuths find themselves plotting one deception after another. They begin with lies to family members and friends, and progress to breaking into suspects’ homes, and even question the police department’s prime suspect on their own. As their involvement escalates, our young detective motivates her more wary friend to stay the course. Discovering courage she didn’t know she had, she finds herself not only manipulating her best friend, but drawing adult acquaintances into the pursuit as well. Becoming more and more entangled in tracking the killer, Kendra temporarily forgets her worries at home. She forms new and lasting friendships, and for the first time, she learns her feelings for the cutest-boy-ever are returned in full. But our heroine’s new sense of well-being is shattered when her dad appears. For the hundredth time, he is sober and lobbying for Kendra’s mom to take him back. She deals with her dad’s arrival by submerging herself even further into the investigation. Against the backdrop of the bone-chilling Nebraska winter, finding Cloud’s murderer becomes an unhealthy obsession. As more girls are stalked, the case takes a bizarre turn and Kendra is stunned to learn that not only is her life at risk, but someone dear to her as well

Front Cover of Clipped