Enter To Have Your Name Appear As A Character In The Next Book Of The Kendra Morgan Mystery Series

Front Cover of Clipped

How would you like to appear as a character in the second sequel, CRUSHED!, of my Kendra Morgan mystery series?

If so, go to my website, www.patriciacurren.com and click on Blog at the top of the page. In the Comment section on the Blog Page, leave your name, email and your wish to be included in the drawing. The winner will be selected on September 14th. Also, it you’d like to be included in future posts, you can choose to be a subscriber in the dialog box on my Home Page. I don’t post often but when I do, I try to create a quality item.

I will send an email to the lucky person whose name will become a character in CRUSHED!. It will also be announced on my Blog.

Of course, I can’t reveal if your character will be a villain or some other fascinating personality. But it will be a kick, right? Good luck!



    • says

      Hi Victor,
      Yes, I’m sorry to say the drawing has already taken place. I so appreciate your desire to be included and hope you will take part in whatever my next promotion will be. Did you learn of the drawing through my website or Facebook?