Who Are Your Favorite Writers?

I’m sure you’re all busy grappling with your list of things-to-do for the upcoming holidays. But if you need a rest from all that entails, please tell me who your favorite writers are, and why. I say writers in the plural because it’s usually hard to choose just one. But if that’s you, please give us your pick.

A few who come to my mind now are:

Jan Burke and Janey Mack          They write spell binding mysteries. Besides fashioning terrific plot lines, they incorporate humor. Sometimes, reading about murders, even if they’re fictional, can be a bit of a downer. Their humor takes the edge off.

Kent Haruf                                   Mr. Haruf’s novel, Plainsong, is one of my all time favorite novels. His special gift lies in the most realistic dialogue I’ve ever read.

James Baldwin                             One of our most cherished literary geniuses! He was a gay, black, unattractive man, who refused to let his creative talents be squelched by the judgmental culture of the 1950’s. He transformed the hate he experienced during that time into love. No one ever wrote with more raw emotion.

Sue Monk Kidd                            Ms. Kidd writes powerhouse novels. As far as I know, she’s published only three stories. They are stupendous! Unlike many writers who turn out numerous cookie cutter books using the same tired formulas, she carefully researches and crafts her novels. The result is something so original it boggles the mind.

Pete Dexter                                  Like Ms. Kidd, Pete Dexter is another original author, who chooses different topics each time. And each book is a blockbuster! I recently watched a Netflix movie, The Paperboy, adapted from his book by the same name. I noticed it featured an all-star cast, including Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey, among others. They recognized a riveting screenplay when they read it.