Who Would Believe Fuzzy’s Is The Name Of A Mexican Restaurant?

Who would believe Fuzzy’s is the name of a Mexican restaurant? I certainly didn’t until I began researching my next book in the Kendra Morgan mystery series.

In this third book, entitled Crushed!, Kendra flies from Nebraska to Arizona to intern with her Aunt Lena, a Phoenix police detective. Lena has a condo in Tempe so some of the story is set there. In checking out places I felt Kendra would frequent, I stumbled on the perfect spot…Fuzzy’s.

Those of you familiar with Tempe know that it’s home to Arizona State University. Consequently, many of the businesses are geared toward college students. Fuzzy’s fits the bill beautifully. Its wild colors, serve yourself system and reasonable prices combine to draw in the younger crowd. It was the perfect setting for Kendra to meet with a new love interest.

Of course, I had to sample their wares. Not bad, not bad at all.


  1. TSpille says

    speaking as the photographer of “Fuzzy’s,” are you speaking of the somewhat questionable cuisine?