Kendra’s Reality

Do you have a friend, or perhaps even yourself, where family roles are reversed? Well, that’s Kendra’s reality.

Because her mom fails to stand up to Kendra’s brutal alcoholic dad, the family has been on the run for years. With little education or job skills, Kendra’s mom is forced to work long hours at low paying jobs. That means Kendra is largely responsible for her four-year-old sister’s care, as well as many of the household chores.

Realizing that her mom’s on the verge of a breakdown, Kendra does her best to help. The stress manifests itself in horrific migraines that send Kendra running for her dark bedroom.

But there is an upside to mom being perpetually tired and distracted. She pays little attention to Kendra’s whereabouts. As long as Kendra leaves a note, she can conduct her detective activities without raising her mom’s suspicion. And growing up in a family where things have always been hard, has given Kendra a courage and resolve she didn’t know she had.

Next time we’ll look at a snapshot of our victim, Cloud Nicholson