Language Exerts Hidden Power

The quote by Rita Mae Brown, “Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides,” is spot on.

When we look upon the moon at night, we seldom think of its influence on the tides. The same can be said of language, oral or written. Words inform, persuade, comfort, warn and entertain. And so much more!

Being a writer, I want to point out that when we read a good book, we may not think of how it’s affecting us. Perhaps after we’ve finished it, the import of the story may crash upon us like a wave. Maybe not even then. Maybe not until days, months, or years later. Or maybe not ever in our conscious mind, but make no mistake, if it’s a well done book, it will have soaked into your subconscious. And perhaps even changed your world view.

A good book engages all the senses. You see the horrific car crash, you taste the maple praline ice cream cone, you hear the din of war, you smell the sour sweat of fear, you feel the hate of prejudice. Writers like Rita Mae Brown have this gift to the nth degree. They deserve to be acknowledged for the gifts they give the world. We are so fortunate to have such word smiths amongst us!

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