My Cat, Cajun, And The Cone Of Shame

My Cat, Cajun, And The Cone Of Shame

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog posts knows I am a cat lover so when my fourteen-year-old kitty, fell ill last week I was devastated. He had stopping eating and drinking. I was prepared to hear he had a terminal illness since he’s a senior citizen. I was extremely relieved to learn it was a very treatable condition. However, a surgical procedure was required, complete with antibiotic, pain killer and an IV for dehydration.

And worst of all for Cajun, the “cone of shame” was fastened about his little neck. Once home, even though he was sedated, when I released him from his carrier, he totally freaked out. He raced wildly around the house trying to rid himself of this strange thing blocking his peripheral view. He even tried to back out of it. I felt so terrible for him. Fortunately, by the following morning, he’d adjusted to it.

Also, the veterinarian had instructed me to swap out his litter box for one with shredded paper or recycled paper pellets. This was to insure no litter made its way into the wound. Another huge change for my boy.

Fortunately, my daughter is a vet tech and I texted her with a myriad of questions, some probably pretty silly. Like, can I clip the long tab off the collar, or is there a purpose for it? The answer was yes. You can see it in the photo if you take a close look. Also, she told me to be sure his food and water dishes were smaller than the diameter of the collar.

I asked about if cats usually preferred shredded paper or the pellets. She replied there was no way to predict that, or if they will use either one. I cringed at that answer.

Fortunately, the following day, Cajun ate and drank a little bit. He also used the recycled paper pellets. I felt like a proud mom.

And our return to the vet for his recheck, he was freed of the collar that had rendered him a crazy man. Yeah!