The Can-Do Karate Kid

The Can-Do Karate Kid

A new and talented writer and illustrator, Jenifer Tull-Gauger, has launched her children’s book, The Can-Do Karate Kid. Tull-Gauger not only knows writing and illustrating, but she also runs a karate studio in Mesa, Arizona, so martial arts are a part of her wheelhouse.

The book cleverly tells the story of a little boy, Makoto, who lets laziness and procrastination ruin his chance to perform a belt test at the dojo (dojo is Japanese for a training hall for a Japanese art like karate). At the studio, he is particularly upset when his friend, Michi, takes and passes her belt test.

When the karate instructor tells Makoto’s parents he arrived too late to test, they inform her Makoto also routinely balks at doing his homework and chores.

The instructor takes Makoto aside and explains that if Makoto will follow the Dojo Kun, the most important rules of traditional karate, he can defeat laziness and procrastination.

Thankfully, he does.

I’m looking forward to the next Dojo Kun Character Book in which both Michi and Makoto battle dishonesty.


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