Vacation to Sweden and Norway

Vacation to Sweden and Norway

I recently returned from a fabulous vacation in Sweden and Norway, home of my mother’s ancestors. Traveling with my two daughters made this the trip of a lifetime. My only regret is the absence of enough time to see and do everything we wanted.

I won’t list our entire itinerary but the highlights of the Stockholm trip were an authentic Swedish dinner in an old world square behind the Nobel Peace Prize Building, the stunning architecture throughout the city, and a tour of the Royal Palace. The ceiling art  shown is from the cathedral within the palace.

The seven hour train ride from Stockholm to Oslo was such an enjoyable way to travel, allowing a view of the countryside and a chance to talk with fellow Swede and Norwegian passengers. I even added some new words to my limited foreign language vocabulary.

In Oslo, it was thrilling to be admitted to the Gronland Church where my grandmother’s ancestors were married. The kindly caretaker lit the altar candles for our photos. She spoke only Norwegian but gestures of love are universal. I was deeply touched.  We then drove into the country and explored areas where my relatives lived and worked in the 1800’s. Another high point in Oslo was the Norwegian Cultural Museum where lefse was being baked in the traditional manner. It was delicious! And of course, the Edvard Munch Museum was unforgettable.



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