Once again, Patricia Curren pulls the reader into another spell-binding mystery. Here’s a short description.

The small-town gossips of Finchville, Nebraska, are having a field day discussing Glory Delgado’s penchant for excessive shopping and pervasive hoarding. But even they are shocked into silence when Glory is found murdered in her farm house. Kendra Morgan has vowed to keep her nose out of police business and concentrate on the budding relationship with her new boyfriend, Johnny Haskins. However, the teen is pulled back into her old ways when she learns Johnny may be in danger. He lives on the farm adjacent to the murder victim. And the primary suspect is Glory’s husband, who is known for his hot-blooded outbursts. Kendra is haunted by visions of Mr. Delgado bursting into Johnny’s home with a weapon and taking out the entire Haskins family. And when a farmer is found hanged in his barn, she is certain there’s a link between the two deaths. Her obsession with finding justice for the victims and their families sends her underground to find the killer, once again putting her own life at risk.