Arizona Authors

The Arizona Authors Association is an organization devoted to authors in our state. Once logged on to the website, it’s easy to access members’ information. The site highlights authors’ bios, books, and other pertinent data. The association conducts an annual literary contest, as well as book festivals and other events around Arizona.


Society of Children’s Book Writers and

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is an international organization for children’s, middle grade and young adult writers and illustrators, as well as other writing professionals. The Arizona chapter sponsors a yearly conference and Creativity Contest in addition to other events.


Sisters in Crime

Sisters in Crime is a national organization that promotes women crime writers. The regional chapter, known as Desert Sleuths, meets monthly in Tempe and features top notch speakers to support women who write mysteries. They have a yearly conference featuring authors and other writing professionals. They also publish an annual book of short stories written by their members.

Oh, and Brothers in Crime are also welcome!


Critique Circle

Critique Circle is an online critique open to anyone editing their writing. It provides writers the critique experience in their own home. Personally, I prefer in-person critiques, but for my money, this is the best on line site. It’s easy to navigate, and offers participants the opportunity to choose from various types of critiques, from line by line to simply general comments.